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The 1 week package is for those serious in making big impacts to their spaces or those with large projects such as whole house relocating, organizing, and unpacking and major overhauls. If you're needing multiple spaces addressed or you want to hand over everything to our team, this package may be for you. This option comes with a 15% discount.. A virtual or in-home consultation may be needed to identify the full scope of the project. Review each step below to learn what to expect when the team arrives for the 1 Week Package.

Step 01

30 Minute in-home consultation

This in-home consultation is the initial visit to assess the project, supplies needed, and your desired outcomes. Should drawings or supporting documents be needed to illustrate the project, it would be included in this step. This is also the stage when the game plan is created that will include any desired customer buildouts or solutions. 

Step 02


In this step, we pull everything out from the nooks and crannies to bring the space back to a blank slate. Once the space is cleared, we return our attention to your belongings and begin sorting and organizing everything into categories for easy review and inventory.

would be included in this step.

Step 03


The purpose of this step is not to purge you of everything you own, but to help you find what’s essential to you and your lifestyle. This can be a challenge at times to let things go (especially those old college t-shirts) but we'll be there every step of the way as you decide what you keep, what gets thrown away, and what gets donated.

Step 04

Setting up Systems

In this step, we return your items to their old home but with a whole new look and purpose. We create new systems that are custom tailored to you for a sustainable solution. Systems can be as straightforward as defining the space and re-organizing to as involved as implementing custom shelving and solutions f

Step 05

Design and Labeling

Function comes first. Then, beauty. We know that if you love the way your new space looks and feels, you’ll be motivated to keep it that way. The extensive design background from the team puts an emphasis on creating not only functional systems, but aesthetically beautiful spaces that you return to again and again, just to look at it. 

Step 06

Remove & Donate

As a full service, we'll remove all of your donated items and deliver them to the nearest donation center. 

We look forward to making big changes in the spaces of your life. The 1 week package is a great step toward creating a more organized and decluttered life. 

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